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About Redfield Design

Redfield Design Katie Paterwic
Redfield Design Steampunk Seamstress
Redfield Design BB8 Cosplay
Redfield Design Steampunk Fashion
Redfield Design Cosplay Designer
Redfield Design Merida Cosplay
Redfield Design Alternative Fashion
Redfield Design Steampunk Designer
Redfield Design Alternative Bloomers
Redfield Design BB8 Cosplay Merida
Redfield Design Merida Cosplay
Redfield Design Alternative Couture

Redfield Design is owned and operated by Connecticut seamstress, fashion designer, and cosplayer Katie Paterwic. Katie's beginnings stem from the Steampunk industry, previously specializing in Goth, Lolita, and Dieselpunk fashion. Her passions have since evolved into the Cosplay realm, where she now holds multiple Master-Class titles from major cons in New England and beyond, most recently placing Best Interpretation of a Character (Master's Division) in Boston's Arisia 2018.


When she's not designing her latest cosplays or preparing for Con panels, Katie is actively working on her original fashion line, the latest of which will be released in Fall 2018. Redfield Design's costumes, skirts, bloomers, kimonos, and other fashion pieces are recognized throughout the industry for their precise fit and lasting quality: each custom piece involves hours of meticulous research, measurement, and construction to ensure your figure and overall appearance matches the quality of the character you represent.

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