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In addition to competitive cosplay entries, Redfield Design is available for meet & greets at major Cons, as well as event panel sessions on the following topics:


Adding Historical Elements to Cosplay // Adding Cultural Aspects to Steampunk // Conceptual OC Clothing & Appearance Development // 

Pattern Consultation


Panel // Workshops // Craftsmanship judges and other appearances 

Panels and Workshops 

In the world outside of the con walls I have taught sewing and costuming at an arts magnet high school for 8 years. Over those years, I have used many non-traditional materials in my theatrical designs and I teach others how to do the same, whether they want to or not. 


As a Panelist  I try to bring useful information so that individuals can make informed decisions and think for themselves in tough crafting situations. I try to engage with my attendees with humor and energy. I also focus on sharing space and time with other panelists to give the attendees the most useful experience.


Here are Con panels and workshops I have facilitated in the past:

  • It is Just Too Big: Logistics of a Big Cosplay Build

  • Cosplay and Mental Health 

  • Burger King Your Cosplay (Make it Your Way)

  • Pattern Manipulation 101

  • Cosplay and Research  

  • Cosplay Design Through Books 

  • What to Expect in Craftsmanship Judging 

  • Slopers and how they work (Hands-On Workshop)

Craftsmanship Judging 

I am known primarily for my attention to detail, and creatively adding elements to my cosplay to enhance the character design. When it comes to cosplay and design, I hope, this gives me a unique perspective for a cosplay judge. I enjoy encouraging all levels to reach for their dreams and not to sit on their strengths, but to keep pushing and learning new skills.


In the judging room, I like to see a competitor whose work is clean and thinks creatively to solve the unique challenges that cosplay provides. I’m looking for a cosplayer who is not afraid to take big leaps and stretch themselves, but still pays attention to finishing, proportions and overall look. It might not necessarily be about how much they look like the character but rather, how the cosplay fits them. I would be honored to share my expertise and critical eye with your attendees.

Craftsmanship Judging 


  • Granite State ComicCon                                         2023

  • JordanCon                                                                    2021

  • Boston Fan Expo                                                         2021

and several small cosplay events 

  • Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix Best in Show   2023

  • Boston Fan Expo Boston Qualifier                      2023

  • Cosplay America Judges Choice                            2023

  • DragonCon Best Interpretation                            2023

  • Frostbite Cosplay Judges choice UOCC             2021

  • 3rd Place Intermediate Class UOCC                   2020

  • Alchemical Cosplay Judges choice SVCC          2020

  • Fan Favorite SVCC                                                   2020

  • Best Design Cosplay Journal                                   2020

  • Conneticon 2nd place Masters          2018,2019,2023

  • Granite state Best masters                                        2015

  • Portcon Best Masters                                                 2018 

  • Best Female Cosplay                                                  2015


Garment Foundation through Hartford Stitch

Classes Start Jan 9th 


Private lessons also available 

$60 per hour 

Email for scheduling

Live and Pre-Recorded Interviews
Craftsmanship Judging 
Meet Ups

While I love doing the usual cosplay guest things, table demos, signing prints and talking shop with any level of cosplayer. In this multimedia age, a cosplayer can have a hard time growing an audience if they only stick to pretty pictures. Let me help you.  

Video Tutorials 
Unboxing Vidoes 
Product Reviews 
Costuming Articles 
Virtual classes 
Live Interviews 

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